Our Story

Beurre Blanc. is crafted for connoisseurs by connoisseurs. Our team has been in the trenches of the cannabis industry for decades. From legacy to legal our hashmaking team, creative team, and founders have been on a journey to share our passion for this incredible plant with people who truly appreciate it for as long as we can remember. We have incredibly high standards (pardon the pun) and wouldn't release anything we wouldn't be proud to consume ourselves. We hope you enjoy consuming our products as much as we enjoy making them for you. Please share your feedback with us on instagram or using the contact form.

Our state of the art solventless lab was purpose built for making the finest quality hash rosins. We are especially proud of the way we have combined advanced equipment (like state-of-the-art automated washers and freeze dryers) with a hands-on approach and manual tools (many of which we have custom built) that we believe provides the best results. We operate in a cold environment with clean RO (reverse osmosis) water, as optimal hash requires optimal conditions and inputs.

Water 💧 + Ice 🧊 + Pressure 💢 = FIRE 🔥

Our Process

Source elite genetics. The best hash starts with the best trees.

Wash gently, keeping the best micron range specific to each cultivar or product format.

Press at the lowest temp possible and apply our proprietary technique to get the perfect consistency every time.

Carefully packaging into jars, or proceed with additional steps depending on final product format.